Everything you need to cut those astronomical fuel bills

Space Insulation is a specialist range of loft insulation products designed for simple DIY installation and an immediate impact on reducing your heating bills.

The Space Insulation range includes products with unique benefits for fast insulation and integration of storage space in your loft.

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An empty loft installed with the recommended thickness of 270mm of insulation can pay for itself in up to 2 years. Insulation in an empty loft can pay for itself in just over 1 year. Glass mineral wool insulation (such as Space Loft Roll) is the most cost effective method of insulating to save energy in your home (simply compare the price per m2 of the insulation products on offer – i.e. the roll price divided by the m2 indicated on the label).

Apart from the energy saving potential and the return on investment, here’s why you should install Space Insulation in your loft today:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Fast installation time (around 3 hours)
  • Sound absorption
  • Unbeatable A1 fire classification (Space Loft Roll)
  • Less handling (e.g. Space Loft Roll and Space Blanket expand up to 6 times their size when unrolled in the loft)
  • Upgrade the Energy Performance Certificate of your home (this will be required to communicate the energy efficiency of your home to prospective buyers)
  • Made using recycled glass bottles (Space Loft Roll, Space Blanket and Rafter Roll)
  • Contribute to reducing energy use to combat global warming and climate change
  • The current recommended total thickness of insulation is between 270mm and 300mm

So there is a Space Insulation solution for every home. By insulating your home with the Space Insulation range of products, you can add value to your home, make it more comfortable, do your bit for the planet and bring those astronomical fuel bills back down to earth.

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