Home Information Pack

By installing Space Insulation in your loft and increasing your Home Energy Efficiency rating.

When selling your home, you should now be prepared to present its energy efficiency rating to prospective buyers. With the new Home Information Packs, a rating of a home’s energy efficiency is used to communicate how much energy is used for heating and lighting. A more energy efficient home is a more attractive prospect for any buyer.

Houses that leak valuable heat through the roof and walls, also leak money. In fact, 26% of your heating bill could be disappearing through the walls and roof. Insulation is the most cost effective method to improve your home’s energy efficiency. A small investment in insulation now can pay for itself many times over – by saving as much as £220 a year in bills and adding value to your home – making it stand out in a crowded housing market. In addition, the current recommended total thickness of insulation is a minimum of 270mm.

Insulating your home will also make it more comfortable, both in summer and in winter. Plus you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by helping to reduce carbon dioxide emissions – a major cause of global warming.

By insulating your home with the stellar range of Space Insulation products, you can add value to your home, do your bit for the planet and bring those astronomical fuel bills back down to earth. Space Insulation is quick and easy to install and will send the rating of your home’s Energy Performance Certificate into orbit.

Savings based on figures from The Energy Savings Trust as of August 2007. For further information please visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

Space Blanket

A premium 'encapsulated' glass mineral wool product for use between 400mm ceiling joists or on top of existing insulation. The sleeved encapsulation is a part metallised polythene film that reflects heat and makes it extra easy and comfortable to install. It is also 'compression packed' for less handling - expanding when unrolled.

Space Loft Roll

A natural glass mineral wool product with pre-cut perforations, enabling it to be used between either 400mm or 600mm horizontal ceiling joists. It is 'compression packed' to minimize handling but will spring out to the required thickness when unwrapped. The 100mm Space Loft Roll is for use between ceiling joists while the 170mm Space Loft Roll is for use above ceiling joists.

The easy way to send your
Energy Efficiency Rating rocketing

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